Mearns Opticians

Important COVID-19 Information

As of Monday 23rd March, we will be closed for routine appointments, but available for emergency and essential consultations.

As NHS primary care providers, we are your first port of call for eye issues, now even more so, allowing GPs and hospitals to focus on dealing with COVID-19.

It is imperative that if you have any eye or vision symptoms that you contact us by phone to discuss in the first instance. Do not attend your GP or A&E.

The symptoms to pay attention to are:

  • Red or sore eyes
  • A sudden drop, or loss, of vision
  • Flashing lights or sudden spots (floaters) in your vision
  • Double vision (seeing two of everything)

The general rule is if it comes on quickly then you need to tell us quickly! Not all eye problems are painful so DO NOT ignore something that is painless.

There are other non-emergency but essential appointments that may be required, if you are in doubt, and you or a loved one are struggling with vision, please be safe and call to discuss it with us.

We can be contacted on 0141 639 2121.

Thank you for your support and understanding during these difficult times.

Our Services


We offer free Children’s glasses including lenses. It is extremely important to have children’s eyes checked regularly to maintain their development.


We offer free eye test for all in conjunction with the NHS. So… what are you waiting for. Why not book an appointment now for yourself or family.


For those unable to attend our practice, we offer a home visit service which also includes Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes.


We can prescribe licensed eye-related medicines directly to our patients without them having to visit their GP or hospital.


Looking after your workforce’s eye health with Mearns Opticians can increase productivity, reduce accidents and includes a range of benefits.